How to take care of yourself wherever you are

December 09, 2017

Be the stillness in the storms of your mind. Mooji

If you are experiencing big changes, renewal of energy, living in a big city, travelling with intense experience, how to do you keep your balance when so much energy can be absorb and so much things are going on.

The first thing you need to understand is, your inner peace and well-being can only stay alive if you cultivate it. As well as your unwell being. 

It is about cultivating your inner peace but also making it your priority. Making a choice. Not only your mind, ego whatever you call it, will try to sabotage your effort, but will feed your inner unbalance. That’s when anxiety starts appearing, worries, and depression. 

It is a fight, but the more you fight back by embracing your being and nourishing it the less hard you fight. Until you don’t need to fight anymore. If you fight for your well-being you fight to live a happy life. A happy life where you are able to give, to love, to receive love and to grow. A meaningful life.

So how to keep cultivating your inner balance in those periods of movement, noises and intense energies?

| Find what grounds you |

What pulls you back into your soul ? Sometimes we can find that things like exercising feel great afterwards for an hour but then our minds are still overthinking and feeling anxious. 

If it is a park go there, if smelling the leaves next to your lake makes you feel alive again do that. From meditating or guided meditation, music with certain frequencies, exercising, yoga, make sur to identify what is grounding for you. 

It can be a list of multiple things. Just identify those and keep them in mind.

| Rituals |

Insert rituals in your day. I know that for people that suffer from anxiety it can help a lot. Having that structure and schedule time to recharge and reconnect back is crutial to enjoy your week at work without feeling drained and worry.

Chose a time in your day where you focus on yourself. And where you instore a serie of actions that make you feel grounded and at peace.

If it is lightening up a candle on a part of you desk next to an object that reminds you of cultivating your peace, of putting on a 528 Hz frenquency on youtube while breathing and letting go, do that. 

It can be stretching, drawing or doing yoga. Create that space in you day to cultivate your inner peace.

Lean how to not wait until you feel drain to do it. Learn how to put your inner peace in your priorities.

During that time make sure to tell people around you to note be disturb, make sure to disconnect and tune into your inner space during those times. And come back to your to-do list afterwards. 

When I was travelling the lack of comfort and sleeping in dormitories would sometimes be tough in terms of recharging. 

But what I would usually do is creating a space in my bed hanging up a picture and looking at it every night before going to sleep. Reminding me of my truth and to take care of myself. 

Currently living in a big city and working there, can make drain me a lot. During the week I make sure to take 30 minutes to walk back home after my long day. Put on 528 Hz sounds and take the time to cook and eat vegetables. During the weekend I focus on one task at the time and make sure to relax, put good vibes and frequency on to make sure that I will be relaxed on Monday. As well as doing fun things. But prioritizing my peace of mind.

During the week if I need to get up early to go to work, I get up an hour earlier just to take time to wake up. And put on comfortable clothes to go out and change at work.

 | Your mind will fight you on that |

Be aware that your mind will resist whenever you choose peace and your well-being. 

And even so it will try to sabotage your progress in every way possible, by creating doubts, making fears arise and creating chaos. 

Understand that it is part of our human experience. And the human brain is complex, but it doesn’t need to be a prison. 

You can decide to be free of your ego and stop identifying with everything outside yourself. And the best way to do that is to breathe and “let it be” like John Lennon said so well. 

Just let go and concentrate on what is happening right here right now as well as keep on doing your rituals during the day, week, months and eventually years.

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