How to be the sculptor of your life ?

December 01, 2017

Even if you become an astronaut
and discover other planets,
it will not be as great as discovering
your own Self right here on Earth.

Overcoming fear and our resisting mind is the hardest part. But then when you are there, a wonderful world of ideas and experiences opens to you.

A year ago, I wrote: in a year I will be in New York City sipping a cup of coffee which I did. By accomplishing something you sometimes understand one fundamental life law :

It's not about how you get somewhere it's about keeping it in mind and moving step by step towards your goal.

What have you accomplished once you never thought you were capable of accomplishing? What are your deepest dreams and aspirations you are too afraid to tell the world?

Sculpting your own life doesn't only mean creating any kind of life you desire. Or that your ego desires. Like a read somewhere in a comment section:

"Many of us have sculpted our own lives, and ended up needing God to rescue us from ourselves."

And that's exactly it.

Some of us sculpt their lives without getting to know themselves and end up following their ego desires instead of their truth.

Being the sculptor of your life means co-creating with the universe, your life from a place of truth. Your truth.

When we talk about the fact that "no money will make you happy", we're talking about the fact that if you create a life of abundance without knowing where the abundance is coming from, without growing with it.

You will find yourself maybe with a happy ego getting fed by success, money and wealth. But you will still suffer as much as without having any money.

Freeing yourself from suffering takes deep understanding of yourself. Without knowing who you are, without any connection with yourself, by that I mean knowing your truth and your higher self, no growing, happiness is possible.

Because everything you will create will come from a place of desires, where the ego lies. It will not come from a place of love, compassion and wisdom.

Maybe your truth will bring you to a completely different kind of life. You'll never know if you don't dig deep and search inside you. The truth lies within.

We were all born with that truth but along the way and our life we forgot simply how compassionate and kind we can be.

Don’t be afraid of being you, vulnerable and human. That’s what makes you so beautiful. 

Being the sculptor of your life is persevering in what you believe and moving step-by-step with stamina and patience towards your goal with your instinct.

Creating the circumstances to achieve what you want to achieve. 

But every step you take until you get to that moment of accomplishment will not mean anything if not aligned to your truth. 

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