5 things on Youtube that calm me down

December 09, 2017

What I understood time after time is that what works to calm me down and ground myself can vary. But what shouldn’t, is the time I spend on taking care of yourself. Here’s my personal favorite list of tools I use when I need to calm down, ground myself and release anxiety :

| 528 Hz and 432 Hz tuning |

| Guided meditations |

Depending on your personnal taste you can find a varity of guided meditation on Youtube. I personnaly adore Jason Stephenson. His voice and mediation are gold for me.

| Ralph Smart aka Infinite Waters |

One of the greatest lessons of my life were learned with this man. With his communicative vibe of positivity, Ralph talks about our experience as humans and how to cultivate your inner peace in such a positive and joyful way. Like he likes to say in every one of his videos :" Feels so good to be alive baby!". You just see him glow through your screen it feels good! You grow and laugh at the same time! Amazing.

| Mooji |

One of the numerous spiritual teacher on this planet who preaches love, happiness and inner peace. From Jamaica and former painter, he became a disciple of a great Spiritual Master and now communicates what he has learned. You can really see his soul through his eyes. A beautiful human being I think. He has a way of speaking with such kindness and calm.

| ASMR |

Last year, I made an interesting discovery. My anxiety was high one day and I couldn't find anything to calm me down. And I bumped to this girl eating noodles. Untill then nothing had worked that day but then I starting listening to that video and it made me feel so relaxed. ASMR an acronym for "Anonymous Sensory Median Response". What those sounds of eating, whispering actually creates a high response from our senses. It can be felt like a pleasant tingling on our heads. It is really interesting. I don't have a lot of knowledge about this. But am really interested in reading about it. If you have any information to share on that matter, feel free to comment below! 

And you what's your list of things that keeps you grounded ? 

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