Toronto a glimpse of Asia

November 10, 2017

Spontaniety is what travel is all about. Zach Anner
The funny thing about my trip to the United States and to Canada was that for some reason I ended up being host or booking a hostel in the Chinatown of every single city I went to. That's how I ate a lot of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese food. 

And it was amazing. Can you imagine flying to the United States expecting something but you just end up in China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan. Taste new food and go live for a week in a Buddhist center. And learn more about those cultures than the actual one you were expecting to learn about. 

It was just amazing to me. Travel really puts in light how full of stereotypes we are. And how diverse we are today in just one city for example.

I think the reason why I had those experience too, is that everything was left at the last minute and for the first time in my life I wasn't bothered about not knowing was coming next in advance. 

The wonderful thing about spontaneity is that you let yourself the space to get surprised, meet people you would have never met if you didn't take that step or change your itinerary, accommodation etc.

What brought me to Toronto was a 10 minute conversation with Salt. We were in the same room in a hostel in Brooklyn in back in NYC. And we hadn't the chance to talk because weirdly we didn't take the step even though we were in the same room for 3 days. 

But the last day before she left we started to chat for some reason. The conversation lasted for just 10 minutes and we were getting along so well. Salt told me "oh it's such a shame I'm leaving now, I should have talk to you earlier we would have spent time together". 

A week later, after moving to another hostel in Queens. I was figuring out where I wanted to go or if I was keener to stay in New York City. 

I really wanted to go see Montreal in Canada, but I remembered Salt who told me "If you ever go to Toronto hit me up!". 

So I messaged her, and that's how a week later I was in Toronto sipping some Bubble Tea.

She lived in Chinatown and when I arrived she welcomed me with a sweet friend of hers. We had dinner and talked about life. 

She used to work as a set decorator in Tokyo when her friend was a journalist from Tokyo searching for a place to live in Toronto. The city was amazing, and even though she had to work all day we had time to go out to eat. And spend time together. 

I remember waiting to meet new people, back in University. I remember how nobody came or some came but I hadn't anything to do with it. We just bumped into each other. 

Did you ever experience that ? The feeling of meeting new friends because you choose to take that bus, to go couchsurf to someone's house, or talked to that stranger. It is a wonderful feeling. To meet people you would have never met if you were still waiting for them to come into your life. 

I went to Toronto to see a Canadian city, and I ended up in Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam. I ate black sesame ice cream, green tea cheese cake but never ate poutine. 

Sometimes I would be walking in the streets, drinking a cup of coffee, taking the subway, all those simple things of life, but still I was so grateful to live how people lived somewhere else for a few days, weeks, months. Getting a glimpse of their world, their reality opened mine.

Let love guide you not fear.

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