How does meditation work ?

October 08, 2017

If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead. Meditation is key. Buddha
According to Buddhism, meditation is not just about focusing on your breathing and trying to make you feel better by all kinds of images. It's about growing empathy, compassion and gratitude. Putting an intention of healing and growing it. 

In that spirit, one of the main aim of meditation is growing your love for people you know, your family and friends but ultimately being able to love every living being, animals and growing a deep rooted feeling of compassion for them. 

The idea of a peaceful world is a world where we as human are able to love and appreciate each other without having to bond or like each other. Which maybe sounds like an absurd idea. 

There's different kinds of mediations centered on different things, but it all comes down simply to being able to wish every living being you run into, happiness and freedom of suffering. Even those who hurt us. Because they actually created really bad karma for themselves, meaning, they are looking at many years of suffering. They are the ones who need the most compassion. 

Some of us know how to create beauty and love in their lives, some of us are still searching for ways of doing that.

We can use mediation to grow our love and compassion for people. And creating more happiness for ourselves. 

More insight on buddhism and karma : A week in a Buddhist center

The black smoke meditation exercise

Feel free to try it with the length of time you feel the most comfortable with.

  1. Close your eyes and start relaxing. Slowly put your focus on your breathing. Feel the air coming in when you inhale and the air coming out of your lungs when you exhale. Do it for some time.
  2. When your mind start distracting you and thoughts start arising, it's fine. Just try to catch yourself wondering into those thoughts whenever it happens and try to come back to your breathing. Take time to stay in that state. Don't worry if you get distracted it's totally normal. Just try to catch your mind wondering.
  3. After some time whenever you desire. Choose someone you know and make them appear. Imagine all the hardships and hurt that person can feel and/or went through. 
  4. Then, imagine all that suffering taking the form of black smoke.
  5. Continue to breathe for a few minutes focus on that black smoke and feel that person's hurt
  6. Then you are going to imagine yourself inhaling that black smoke from your nose, and feeling that black air going through yourself into your heart. And then imagine it disappearing into a huge explosion of white light coming out of your heart chakra. Then when you exhale imagine that white light coming out of your mouth or nose to fill the air. 
  7. As you do that imagine yourself taking all that pain that person feels and transforming it for her into light and love.
  8. Try to imagine, like that, friends, family, animals but even people you don't especially like or know or bond. Try to extend that mediation to others. 
  9. After doing that come back on your breathing letting people and exercise go.
  10. Come back to yourself and your relaxing state.
  11. Then, when you feel ready open your eyes and come out of the meditation

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