The Myth of Success and Money

September 17, 2017

Seeing my mother growing up, offering to me and my brother anything we needed and always making incredible things happen on her own for her children, inspired me to believe, as she told us all the time : "Money isn't an issue", that I can make anything happen for myself.

It all comes down to our perspective. So much people complain about how much they can’t achieve because of money or else. It’s not about luck, it’s about your mindset.

I respect people who work hard to be honest. I admire them, because I am not capable of working that much. But at the same time I really get tired of those 5 years plans to succeed and this obsession of making money. If our goal is to make money we are just going to run after it all our life.

Money is an extension of what we create in this world. It's just material. If we pursue it, it just traps us into that vicious circle that is materialism. For the hundredth time:  No money will make us happy.
Abundance is everywhere. When we know that and learn to be grateful for what we already have we start to experience life less as something we need to fight but an energy that is on our side and kind of has our back.

To be more concrete, I came in the US with in total one thousand dollars. I worked 3 months in a summer camp to earn some extra money and then left for a month to travel. I put my last extra money in a phone and a cheap camera. So I tried to save while travelling as much as I could.
While I was travelling in the USA and was in Boston, I was considering, after losing my adapter, to by a new one. But I decided to just borrow one from a guy in my dormitory that kindly agreed to lend to me one when I needed until a got one. The second day that same guy came up to me and said: "Hey! I found an adapter on the floor of the hostel, I don't need it but I thought about you, you should take it!" That's how I got an adapter.

The next day I was dwelling on whether or not I was going to visit Harvard. I was in the lobby of my
hostel and a guy sat down next to me. We started talking. He was from Belgium too and was flying back the same day. As we talked, I told him about my plan of the day, he thought: "Oh wait! I still have my subway pass for 7 days. Here take it, so you can save your money on the subway! That's how I enjoyed my last two days in Boston.

When I spent nearly a month in NYC (New York: How to heal yourslef ?)and decided to see my dad I hadn't seen for two years. He lives at his parents and try to find some jobs here and there. He isn't what I would say in a financial position where he can buy anything he wants. He loves filmmaking and photography though, because he use to work in the movie industry. He still has a limited collection of two cameras that he takes care of.

Before I came to see him he saw an old friend who works in filmmaking too. He had bought a camera a while ago, but didn't use at all as it didn't serve the purpose he wanted. So he gave it to my dad. Just like that.

And as my dad saw me enjoy taking pictures with my broken phone. He decided to give it to me. And I was shocked to be honest. And still am. That's how I got my first big camera.

Of course I could say that it's not the best one. It's an old camera designed by engineers less convenient and high definition that the ones you find now on the market. But still. For me it was good enough. I've always wanted one and it takes pretty good pictures.

Abundance is everywhere. We simply need sometimes to be grateful for what we have. When the universe gives us a hand even if its little things like a subway pass. Acknowledge it.
That's why we’re not in the money race. Not even in the cheering crowd. We’re in the park breathing that good fresh prana (shout out to my man Ralph Smart !!).

Because I don't care, I'm already a millionaire. 

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