Thoughtbox #1 : The bubble you live in

July 10, 2017
What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do. (T.F)
 We all come from different backgrounds, different educations, belief systems and "cultures". But the important thing to know is that nothing about our backgrounds can really define us. In this world we can be and become whoever we want. Nothing about the little world we come from needs to define the outcome of our life in the future, or in the next day.

I believe we all live in our little bubbles. Because they are so thin ad fragile we get really insecure about losing or getting out of it. And so we walk on eggshells wherever we go hoping to not make too much noise or move to much stuff around. Just enough to keep us safe.

Getting out of your bubble, belief system or little world is a frightening experience. But something that I discovered is how easily we found new foundations and create new worlds made of new experiences.

Keeping an open mind, helps you see beyond your senses and being aware of how big this planet is and much there is to see and people to meet.

There is something intangible about having a conversation with someone coming from a completely different background and reality than yours. Something that we are unable to touch or buy. Its human contact and experience with the world.

That's what is so incredible with travelling sometimes. You can't grasp any part of it with your hands and keep it on a shell. But it's stays with you in the way that it affects you while you build yourself with it.

No clothes, no money, no material things can make us experience this incredible feeling full of complexity but so raw at the same time.

When you see the world from a little bubble, it can seem like a strange and frightening place when actually, when you start seeing it from a larger point a view, the world becomes and endless source of joy and opportunities to grow.

We are certainly not perfect, we all have our down moments. But striving for something more, a larger perspective of the world, an open soul, is like opening a door on a brand new world. And sometimes it means popping this bubble your live in and letting yourself fall on something new.

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