What is awakening yourself about ?

May 02, 2017

You must unlearn what you have learned
Maybe rencently, you came accross a lot of articles and media contents about the awakening of people that are started to be more aware of what is going on. As a lot of love that is shared between people throughout the world.

For some people it manifests itself by an overwhelming feeling of love and need to share... For others it's a sudden change of plans or lifestyle, quitting your job... It can basically translate itself throughout different forms.

To understand this switch of belief system, It needs to be addressed that we are living, in this point of time in a world, without trying to sound too dramatic, that is collapsing under the decisions made politically, economically and environmentally by the corrupt people running this world wild financial system. But the thing is, that before being sarcastic and full of anger, we are in an era now, where we all need to start taking a good look at ourselves... Not in a judgmental way but in a constructive way.

Because if we want to "change" this world we first need to change ourselves. And that's why a lot of people are now, at this point of human history, awakening massively in the sense that they are growing towards a life distanced from the ego and all we have been thaught. From a young age, the system we live in, have thaught us to be the way we are. That is why in order to see what is really going on and connecting back to our source energy, that connects us to all beings on this planete, we need to unlearn what we have learned...

Awakening is actually the idea of waking up from a state of sleep and apathy which unables you to see even the bigger picture or connecting to your true self. Your true self simply as your purpose, what you are passionate about as oppose to living a life that makes us feel small and miserable.

Like mentionned above, we were taught from our young age through an educational system to have low self esteem, to let society and authority figures dictate how to be and live our lives as being disconnected from our emotions prioritizing a common "rational" thinking about what is good or bad. So of course anything different becomes scary and not tolerated. Because it challenges our way of thinking. And that's normal.

Additionally to that, like a famous french proverbs says :

Giving bread and games to the people

Our entertainement industry worth millions as the medias feeds us with fear and negativity and consenquently create a great atmosphere of fear and anxiety. That actually keeps us where we are. And prevents us to take risks and see what is out there.

On another hand, having all this overwherlming informations at once is really hard to digest. And it's seems perfectly normal to feel lost. But the best way to conteract it, is to actually have a simple response to it. As working on your happiness. A lot of people today are aware of the situation but get lost in those negative thoughts excluding completely something as simple as that.

But what we tend to forget is that as we work on our happiness and detachement with the ego that society tries to feed with all kind of things that we indentify with (succes, external expensive things, phones, the ideal shape of body, etc), we work on giving love and connecting with each other more. Which is what we need the most today in our disconnected society. 

And as you higher your frenquency in the sense that you get closer to yourself and your nature as a human, and tend to protect yourself more from toxic people and things in your life (giving them up or cutting them out) as instinctively get closer to people in the same frenquency as you become less judgemental towards others and see the best in human kind.

And when this happens often you'll see that you will be able to bring out from time to time the best in people.

And so instead of focusing on what you can't really change for the moment you can focus on your life and how you live it.

There's no need to have any leaders we are all leaders and to attain that we need to first become our own leaders in our lives equally as learning how to be happy and enjoying ourselves. 

Because life is full of beautfiul things. And we need to understand how to be happy before the world can change on a massive scale and be connected to its wholeness.

Because how could the whole world change if we cannot even change ourselves ?

In more depth, the first step is to learn to be kind to one another. As simple as it seems, it's unfortunately not often the case... We lack sometimes of empathy. Starting from our relationship with nature and animals to every microcosm of society (school, university to your work place or in groups of friends).

We spend a lot of time judging others as being driven by our egos. The idea is instead of focusing on how to make everybody appriciate us we should be more empathetic to one another. Listening and taking time to listen to each other because we are too focus on ourselves.

It's about letting your soul take the driver's seat back from your ego. We cannot see the beauty of the world we live in if we constantly see it from the inside out.

And of course it's hard. It's hard to change our perspective and then sticking to it. And trying to stay in this perpetual state of awarness is hard. When we can snap back anytime in that amnesia kind of state where your ego takes the control back on you. But  like everything in life you need to commit to it. Our brains adapted and memorized so much bad patterns repeated again and again until they were printed in our subconscious mind. But the great thing with this one is that he works on repeated patterns. To change one pattern your just need to repeat another one until it replaces the former one...

Being commited to change will enable you to be consistant in the new lifestyle and perspective of life you want to have. As surrounding yourself with the right people. Because not only you become your patterns and habits you also become the people you surround yourself with. And it takes a lot of courage and will to make those changes. 

As making the right choices for your well being.

But although we need to kind of force these new patterns in our brains, when you are willing to change deeply in the same time you are ready. This will to change comes initially from the fact that we start seeing things differently and that's when the universe works also with you. You start to hang out less with people that you use to hang out with, start to notice more beauty and maybe being more detached of gossip and drama, finding it less interesting than before. As meeting new people that will come to support us on the new path you are taking.

And not only that our educational system brought us where we are (with low self esteem and a big ego out of our control), we are accompanied everyday by this obligation, out of spite, to fit in this mole that society created for us even if most of us can't.

Because by doing that we fall out of our truth and authenticity.

And that's when people get depressed, have anxiety and feel simply lost and that they can't escape their circumstances. Even though at the end all of that it's just an illusion.

Actually we need to get lost in order to find ourselves and others again

So awakening is getting lost in order to connect back to the world and to people.Putting bounderies and taking control on what we consume. Being aware that of all these medias trying to seperate us through our egos. In the Hollywood and the music industry people are idealized and put and a pedistal. Reinforcing the idea that some people are better than others as defining happiness with success. Which is not the case at all. We are not here to compete with each other to try to be better than someone else. 

There is place for everyone on this planete and enough ressources for every single one of us. We are all equal. There is no such thing as hierarchy or celebreties.

Awakening means also sometimes that our friends or family will not get it and even try to prevent us from doing what makes sense to us by underminding our beliefs or ideas or even not listening.

But that's ok, as any living being or organisation on earth, it's natural for humans to go towards a state of equilibrium. 

So when someone shakes everything up (by doing things that we don't understand) we tend to try to keep a sense of balance which means keeping him or her in his initial role in the microcosm. But also because our beliefs are so deeply rooted, when someone else comes by and shakes everything up most of us tend to close up and just get scared.

Understanding that throws away the need to be angry, everyone is on it's own journey the best thing to do is to let it go and keep on going. Not everybody wants to be lifted up and change perspective. And it's understandable.

Accepting it and making peace with people who doesn't understand and maybe can try to trigger our ego's buttons, can help to see the bigger picture.

It's not about what others think of us anymore. And we can still sometimes give away our power or let our ego take a detour but the most important is to keep on keeping on and being happy. 

That's the only wonderful thing we are here to do. Being ourselves and expressing our beings entirely.

Awakening is simply about being true to yourself and connecting back with humanity with another perspective of life and of the world that surrounds you.

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