Tarn : Midi-Pyrénées region

May 25, 2017
Le temps passe, et il fait tourner la roue de la vie comme l'eau celle des moulins. Marcel Pagnole, Le Chateau de ma mère
The Tarn region changes throughout the year depending on the season. What I love about spring and summer is this quietness in the early afternoon when everybody is inside soaking up the fresh air contained between the walls of home. Like in a lot of south region where the weither can get really hot in summer and spring, the afternoon is always the nap time. Even the kids are sleeping. The day moves in time with those rituals from taking the breakfast outside in the garden to making jam in a copper kettle with the plums freshly picked from the garden or the melons bought from the farm market. In the afternoon the only thing you can hear is the sound of the water, the river, the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees, the birds, insects and the wonderful song of the cicadas in summer.

The Tarn region is well known for its copper heritage. Which is a long establish french traditional art. Durfort, a small village of 247 inhabitants, is the siege of the fine copper work and sparterie where you can find the copper Museum as a traditionnal handmade copper ustensils shop. And it's just wonderful to see such old traditional arts still surviving today.

The contrast between nature, the plane trees you can see often and those unique type of brick walls combined with those old shutter board give to this region so much charm. If you are also a country food lover like me, you will be well served between the wonderful cheese they have, exquisite dairy products and meat coming from animals living in free range, vegetables, fruits, fresh juices and house specialties. Once you find the markets and figure out their schedules you can easily buy anything you need. Knowing that everything comes from farmers making a living off of their wonderful and delicious products. What more do we need ?

Because I've spent nearly each summer of my childhood there, I grew a special attachement to this part of South France. The sky and stars in the evening are priceless, as the smell of the rain when it hits the hot summer ground. Sometimes it feels like you've turned the clock back when you see so much ancient objects and houses. As if everything froze in the past. But weither you come in spring or summer or even in winter and fall, seeing this region glow with the seasons is just one of Nature's miracle.

And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles.

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