Selfcare : How to slow down

May 24, 2017

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you will ever have
In a world where we are constantly put under pressure to achieve anything and where laziness defines anything that don't fit those high expections set by society, we can easily lose ground. In the sense that we are used to put our needs behind to succeed and sometimes push ourselves too much.

Did you ever have this feeling of swimming against the tide? That no matter what you do your to do list never end? And when you finally get to the end of something there is always a wave of new things to crush you under it's pressure.

I felt that way for some time. And sometimes I still can fall into over doing and tireing myself. Because that is the only thing I know. And trying to break free from this world on steroïds can be hard. Because even if people don't give me that shameful look I still feel ashamed about laying in my bed. We often talk about society as an external entity when actually we are society. The pressure we feel is our own coming from ourselves.

When someone would ask me about my day I would get really anxious. Because sometimes I didn't do that much. In fact I was simply doing what I wanted to do. I didn't like being tired. I preferred to do sometimes one thing in my day and doing it well. But of course it wasn't enough. Especially for me. I had to do more. And so often I would wonder how other people would find the energy to do so much things in one day when I would do half of it and be exhausted.

That's why even being in my "young years" didnt prevent me from experiencing a burn out. Can you imagine? Because I was trying so bad to fit society's high expectations. Even though at that time I wasn't in a good place mentally, I continued to drain myself to the point I couldn't do anything and that I had to quit my job and my studies. My whole body and brain were so exhausted that I slowly got sick. To the point that I couldn't do simple tasks because of my lack of energy. My muscles couldn't lift anything. Going from a point A to a point B was a battle for me. Just walking a distance was a battle.

I can stress enough how much health is important and how we take it for granted. We don't take enough care of our vessels. Especially when we are young. I was tireing myself from getting things done to being fit, working out as balancing my social life with family and studying, working, etc...

We have such a messed up perspective on life in our today's society. And it's killings us. From a young age.

As some of the self development gurus making money off this pressure we already put on ourselves. Pushing us more and too much, perpetuating this biais belief of "Work hard and you will succeed". Which essentially means earning a lot of money.

Money is nothing compare to your health. Money is actually so superficial. Until now I've lived my whole life without much money but never lacked of anything. This obsession we have with money results from this financial system we live in today. Of course there is a balance. We all have bills, health care and rent to pay. But moreso dreams and aspirations. It's just about the mindset that we have and how much pressure we put on ourselves.

Knowing that you don't need money to be happy. Because it doesn't matter as long as you have the right people in your life and the right mindset abundance will come.

On the other hand following your purpose can be hard work sometimes but knowing how to slow down, sometimes asking for help and doing things from a place of self love more often than a place of pressure is the root of living a peaceful and joyful life.

Where to begin ? Start by asking your inner deep self with kindness : What do you deeply need love ? Instead of thinking about what you must or have to do. And listening to what comes up with that question.

Learn to feel when your tank is half full when you need to take care of yourself before being completely drained and in need to take a day off. Sometimes it can be the omnipresent noises of our busy cities or the kind of people we spend our time with, the project we are working on and seems nowhere towards the results we want that can use a lot of our energy and life source. But also when hardships, family issues, stress or anxiety comes in the way.

On that matter, selfcare means also having daily, weekly routines reserved for yourself. A space in your day where you connect with yourself through meditation, retreating in nature, drawing, sports, or whatever suits you. But a place when you can be present and connect back to your soul essentially.

Breaking free from this pressure we put on ourselves because we were raised so can be hard. But being able to slow down to begin with can be a great way to bring awareness into your life which can bring you so much.

Like talked about in my former post on how to live more in your heart space and less in your thoughts, Listen to your soul, listen to your heart in every thing you do.

Because no matter how much money you make, how successful your are or how much cool clothes and electronics you have, at the end of the day the present moment, love and connections with people is all we really have. So take care of yourself and your soul.
We all strive with every breath to be superhuman, to be something special, but very few are striving to just be human.

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