How to live more in your heart space and less in your thoughts

May 13, 2017

Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. ― Eckhart Tolle
We are sometimes surounded by so much noises. From the noises of people's opinions, the noises of maybe the city we live in , the noises of bad news, the noises of family issues, of deception, loss, a lack of money, of a life changing decision, the suffering of others, etc.

Life can get pretty overwhelming with all these noises. But the ones who transcend every other noises in our environment and play a huge role in our mental health is the noises of our thoughts.

Like everybody else, I can get caught up in my head thinking without being aware of it. On a spectrum, the noises of our thoughts can go from just being clouds passing by to attacking our mental health and sanity.

I've struggled with anxiety for several years and recently, got my freedom back. It is still a journey, but I've learned up untill now to put a distance with the ego. Which in the opinion of a great writter, is the reason why we suffer so much today in our western societies.

We live to much in our heads identifying with external things instead of just being as a part of this universe and living from our hearts.

I found out a lot of methods to learn how to be present. From meditation to sitting in a church or on a bench in the parc.

Even though I'm from a generation that grew up with the digital revolution, I see people 10 times older than me now, stuck to their smartphone's screen not even aware of their bad posture or what is going on around them. As if they are trying to escape from the present.

I just wanted to share this topic that I am passionate about because since I descovered how to be present my life changed completely, my anxiety slowly disapeared as it helped me through a depression phase instead of overthinking.

Our minds can be such a horrible prisons. Unfortunately, we kind of live in a disfunctional society where we are thought at a young age that most of our dreams are impossible and that growing up is learning to get serious about life, being "rational". But it seems that we are making a huge mistake. There is so much people who suffer today.

And by just being, we reconnect with our inner child litteraly, getting back in touch with our essence as beings, in the same way that kids are so present in their experience with life, with our bodies that we sometimes forget to look after.

 It can start by sometimes pausing your day and just observing what is going on around you. Noticing the simple things of life. Just putting a distance with society's rules and expectations of you and just learning to be an actual human being with all his senses. As feeling grateful for what you are. I feel that's why so much people, me included, love to travel.

And it's hard sometimes to stay in touch with our hearts.

But I feel it's worth fighting for. I'm conviced that it's an open door to a healing world. A world healthier for the futur generations.

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