Who is Kali?

April 08, 2017

Hindu goddess of death of the ego

Throughout history, Kali (काली) accumulate a lot of interpretations and representations. Her history and legend are complex and cannot be explained in just an article. I am no expert but here's what does Kali represents on this blog.

In our western culture, where she is often translated as the Goddess of death, destruction/violence and sex, Kali is a strongly misunderstood goddess

In the Hindu and Buddhism mythology, Kali is the goddess of death but of the ego as the illusory self-centered reality. More specifically, the destruction of the unreality and detachment of the body that gives life to the ego. She is the detachment of our identification with our external form. The liberation of this identification with the body is symbolized by the garland of skulls and the skirt of dismembered arms that she is represented with.

In our today society, our behaviors are coming a lot from an egocentric place. Because we live often from the outside/in instead of the inside/out. Which causes unfortunately a lot of suffering. Because instead of living in an inner place of harmony with the world we live in a perpetual search of external things to fill this inner void in ourselves. And instead of nourishing our souls, this search of external things (relationships, careers, success, being fit etc.) nourishes our ego. 

And more the ego grows more we strive instinctively to protect it from the outside world. Which affects our perspective of the world that now on evolves around ourselves and results in separation, envy, jalousy, etc. 

Having a total detachment from our ego isn't necessarily a goal we have to strive for. Because we have to keep in mind that this ego is what allows us human to evolve and is how we evolved over centuries. For me it's all about balance between striving for progress and not identifying with external things but connecting with your inner soul. And wanting success isn't a bad thing neither is wanting to be fit. It's just being able to see the difference between what is important in life and what isn't. As it is important to come from a place of self-love. Letting your soul be in charge most of the time of your life.

Because when we come from a place of harmony and self-love there is no separation between us and the world anymore,we become a part of it instead. 

Kali is also associated with different themes such as cycles, rebirth, hope, courage, joy, cleansing and change. Destruction for Kali is all about reconstruction. She only destroys to rebuild.

More so, Kali is an incredibly powerful goddess who embraces her dark side to create beauty and joy in the universe. She is the goddess of contrast between anger and empathy, protest and love and represents female force and motherhood in the most powerful way.

As human, we tend to forget the Kali that lies within us. She is powerful and we need to connect more with her. She is a reminder of our strength and indestructibleness but also of our humanity.

So that's why I decided to take her around the world.

Peace, Love and Positivity xxxxx

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