How to let go ?

April 17, 2017

 You are a raw diamond cover with layers of dirt.
We all experience difficult things and went through sometimes a lot and of course it's important to process them in order to heal. But sometimes we can caught ourselves holding on to unpleasant feelings  and bad memories that doesn't serve us anymore.

Personnally, a lot of things that I was holding on that didn't serve me was often the only constant things in my life.

And our survival instinct searches for a way to meet our needs of security, control etc… So we stay in that place of bitterness and sadness. Holding on to illusions of things that you maybe want to change.

But sometimes you just need to let go of what you can't control.

Sometimes things are just what they are you can't change them and trying to understand them or find an explanation is just a waste of your energy because there is none. Sometimes life happens, people get hurt, good people suffer and things don't make sense anymore. But it doesn't have to.

Our brains always want to understand everything because our human evolution into a logical rational thinking society pushes us instinctively to want to figure out and study everything.

But the world doesn't work like that and sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we don't need to understand everything and we will probably not. And maybe that's the big secret of life. We will not find the meaning of life.

Because there is no meaning to life. Except from the meaning we choose to give our life.

" But if the world doesn't make sense, what's the point of me being here ?  What's the point of what I am doing ? What's the point of giving love and being a good person? What's the point of doing anything ? "

Letting go can sometimes feel like the ground falling under your feet. But on the other hand knowing that gives you your freedom back. You can just do whatever you want that makes you happy. Often at that point there is a lot of resistance and it's normal. Accepting to change a perspective on life we always had is kind of emotionally tough.

But that's the control you can have on your life. Being happy. You don't need to dive into an argument with your family anymore ,suffer from others behavior, try to change people or try to fit in . You don't need to still think about that time that person made you suffer or betrayed you.

Because you know that people are what they are everyone is on a different journey, life is what it is and it's ok that way. You don't need to change it or understand it nor change yourself anymore.

You don't need to identify with your problems in order to have some stability and sense in you life because your freedom and your happiness becomes that stability and purpose. And how your life turns out comes with it. Life is what you make of it. You can decide what meaning you want your existence on earth to have.

We are all diamonds with so much dirt covering us and  prevents us to shine. Depriving the world of our gifts.

So take off those layers of dirt. Let it go, and follow your path and your passions The rest doesn't matter anymore as this story you tell yourself everyday. Because this story only exist because you keep it alive. What you focus on grows. What matters is are you waking up with a smile on your face doing what you love everyday?

Just go out there and live life. Nothing is really explainable you might as well have a good time. And if you have ambition and a great vision follow it. If you just want to be with your goat on your mountain do that! We are all here for different reasons and have different things to offer. Explore it and give yourself to the world.

And sometimes life will happen but you can be free of suffering if you learn to accept more and understand less as being present. And if you stop focusing on the little things to see the bigger picture maybe you will be able to handle bigger things and a bigger vision for yourself.

 Your life doesn't need to be miserable at all. It's your call : How do you want your life to be ?

Peace, Love and Positivity xxx

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