Dear Highly Sensitive People

April 01, 2017

Intuition is seeing with the soul.
Dear wonderful beings. Don't let society undermind you. You have so much power and you don't even know how much.

We live in a culture today where we are so disconnected from our essence, our emotions and the world in its wholeness. As we are fed exclusively with fear and entertainment.

But we tend to forget that initially we ARE emotional beings. We are energy and our emotions correlates with its frequency as what we put out in the universe.
For highly sensitive people the world can be an overwhelming place. Where we pick up everything that's going on, every source of energy. And as we pick up high frenquencies we can also feel the pain and negative feelings of people so strongly and sometimes caught ourselves soaking everything up. Feeling so drained afterwards. And because of that being angry and unhappy. And I understand how sometimes it can feel like you are powerless.

And that's how I felt for a long time. Everything was so overwhelming I didn't know how to handle it. People thought I was weird and I thought I was weird. I could feel the pain, the joy and all human emotions from another person so strongly. I could spot easily a feeling or a discomfort that somebody was experiencing.

But we often forget how being highly sensitive is a gift. And there is a reason for you being born with that kind of intuition. Some call us empaths or indigos. It ables you to see through a person or a situation. It means that you are highly connected to your third eye (your intuition).

Having an intuition that is that much developped ables you to make better choices for your well being and your life. Whether it is a person that is toxic for you or certain situations that make you feel uncomfortable.  It's like having a 6th sense that pulls you more and more closer to yourself and you love space where lives all humanity.

When I started to be more awake, having this emotional intelligence helped me so much through out my daily life. Because of it I was able to make different kind of great choices.

And even in hard times, it abled me to know what I needed at that particular moment in time. What was best for me. Knowing how to retreat from a friendship for a while, or cuting someone off before damages were done. As being able to create my own love space.

But moreso, being highly sensitive is so much more powerful than that. We are so much more connected to the world around us, to beauty, the art, the energy and the wholeness of this universe beyond our daily life.

We are emotional beings but a lot of us are not aware of their emotional intelligence.

And being highly sensitive isn't suppose to be a label it's just being aware of this intelligence within all of us. And we all can. We all can raise our frenquency and connect more to our inner soul.

We just need to listen to our intuition and pay intention to how we feel, to our emotions. Emotions are you best indicator and internal GPS. And when sometimes you don't know why but you feel the need to do a certain thing or act a certain way in your life you don't really need to know why but just being in touch with that feeling and following your gut instinct.

As you learn that, you learn to trust yourself more, getting you closer to the world around you and becoming a part of it.

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